Name:  Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi

Father’s Name :  Syed Shakir Hussain Zaidi

DOB :  29th March 1984

Birth Sign : Aries

Siblings : Two Brothers One Sister

Nationality:  Pakistani

Home Town : Karachi

Latest Album Name:  Bismillah Hussain a.s

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After being involved for a while in the scene as a composer for others, Raza was introduced to Rehan Azmi, a gifted writer who was fastest and finest ever in narrating the incident of Karbala. Raza started working with Rehan Azmi, His brothers Ali Shabar and Taseer use to help him alot in generating the idea’s and different thoughts on what would had happend in Karbala and Rehan Azmi use to help in writing those idea’s in the form of poetry. For a few years he was working with his own group named as Tanzeem-e-Haidri. Raza had what many would describe as a dream voice for someone so young, but for Raza it felt like this was far from what he would call ‘the dream’, “I loved to be an Islamic Reciter but I hated everything that surrounded it (money & showoff), it always felt like something wasn’t right”. So he changed the way it was and build his own name just for the sake of Allah and his Beloveds (Ahlelbayt)

In January 2015, Raza’s track ‘Meray Hath nahi hain’ was voted as the Best Lamentation for 2015. Raza has already performed in front of crowed which numbers in Millions in Algeria, England, France, Holland, Sweden, and the US amongst others and is fast becoming the ‘next superstar of Islamic reciters’. He is already being called as the nightingale of Shia community all over the world.

Raza Abbas is fast becoming recognized as one of modern Islamic Reciter seminal voices after his ground-breaking audio and video “Khuwab e Sugrah” It was his invention of giving a pause during the lamentation sound and enhance the effect of that sound to 10 times, which is being used by many top of the list artists these days, He is not only famous for these mentioned about but he is also famous for discribing the life and the peaceful teachings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w and (Ahlulbayt) a.s. Raza Abbas is clearly poised to take up Islamic lamentations to a new level. As a supremely gifted artist and producer, Raza brings his recitings to a wider audience not by watering down his message, but by making Noha’s of supreme power, conviction, and glorious beauty, fusing elements , traditional spiritual lamentations, Arabic and Siraiki Noha’s into daring arrangements as Arabic and Siraiki is not his 1st language.

After his experience in the Islamic Industry, Raza feels blessed to able to finally find the right way, put his talent to its best use, and produce Noha that is closer to his roots, and he feels like it’s his turn now to help others through his way of reciting and teach them to do the same His Father Syed Shakir Hussain Zaidi use to help him alot in his early days and use to motivates him to: ” Do things the way they are right not the way they seems right”